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Bundle Deal Collection at Shades of Melanin Hair

Shades of Melanin Hair understands everyone is not created equal when searching for that perfect hair extension or wig. As you look at the markets out there offering these items, you can become overwhelmed, so choosing Shades of Melanin Hair is the best choice. We make it safer and easier for you to find the right match for the best look. These are some of our fantastic bundle deals to choose from because you deserve to look fabulous. Bundle Deals at Shades of Melanin Hair  Purchasing a bundle deal at Shades of Melanin Hair provides you with three bundles of 100% Virgin, Grade 10A hair. The bundles come with a closure or without. Each of the bundles weighs 100 grams...

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You're The Best, So Wear The Best!

When it comes to choosing the right wig or hair extensions, you need to know that not all are created equal. When you navigate the market of ever-growing suppliers of these products, it can become overwhelming. Shades of Melanin Hair makes your choices easier and safer by obtaining that perfect match to make you look great. You are the best, and you deserve to wear the best. Frontal Wigs Shades of Melanin Hair sells frontal wigs in their natural state. These wigs are not styled and will come to you without being customized. These wigs are offered as one-size-fits-most and will fit a small to medium head. If your head is bigger than twenty-three inches, the wigs from Shades of...

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