About Our Product


When it comes to choosing the right wig or hair extensions, you need to know that not all are created equal. When you navigate the market of ever-growing suppliers of these products, it can become overwhelming. Shades of Melanin Hair makes your choices easier and safer by obtaining that perfect match to make you look great. You are the best, and you deserve to wear the best.

Frontal Wigs

Shades of Melanin Hair sells frontal wigs in their natural state. These wigs are not styled and will come to you without being customized. These wigs are offered as one-size-fits-most and will fit a small to medium head. If your head is bigger than twenty-three inches, the wigs from Shades of Melanin Hair, a black owned beauty supply store, may not fit well.

If properly cared for, your wig from Shades of Melanin Hair will last you from one to two years. Our best selling wigs include:

  • 13x4 Diamond Lace Front Wig
  • 13x4 Virgin Bob Lace Front Platinum Wig
  • 13x4 Imani Bob Wig
  • 13x4 Virgin Jerry Curly Lace Front Wig
  • 13x4 Lace Front Water Wave Bob Wig
  • 13x4 Lace Front Carla Wig- this product is an unprocessed Straight Virgin Brazilian Wig

Closure Wigs

The line of closure wigs carried by Shades of Melanin Hair come in their natural state and are not styled. These wigs are not customized and consist of 100% unprocessed Virgin hair. The wigs' density is from 150% to 180% and is either blonde or natural black.

You can purchase a closure wig from Shades of Melanin Hair from 12 inches in length to 26 inches in length. These wigs are offered as one-size-fits-most and will fit small to medium heads. Head circumferences of more than 23 inches may not be a good fit with these wigs unless the larger cap option is offered. With proper care, your closure wig will last from one to two years. Our best selling closure wigs include:

  • 5x5 HD Closure Carla Straight Wig
  • 5x5 HD Deep Wave Closure Wig
  • 4x4 Closure Bob Wig
  • 4x4 Closure Straight Wig
  • 4x4 Ombre Closure Wig

Full Lace Wigs

The full lace wigs from Shades of Melanin Hair are 150% to 180% density and come in either natural black or platinum. These wigs are straight, body, wave, or deep wave in style with small knots, so they are easy to bleach. All full lace wigs are pre-plucked and will last you from one to two years with proper care.

At Shades of Melanin Hair, you can also find all you need to wear that will make you look your best. Perfect wigs for moms on the go. We sell premium wigs and extensions. Sales are final; however, we encourage you to contact us within three days of receiving your product if there are questions or concerns.