Lace Tips (Coloring, glue removal)

Lace Tips (Coloring, Glue removal)

(This is only tips based on techniques we have tried with our lace)

Although many, here are the four standard lace colors.

  1. Transparent lace colors are ideal for women with creamy to fair complexions. Although ideal for these complexions, transparent lace is used most and oftentimes known to be suitable for most complexions.
  2. Middle Brown Lace - This lace color is perfect for brown scalp complexion.
  3. Light Brown Lace - This lace color matches light brown to fair scalp complexion.
  4. Dark Brown Lace - This lace color is ideal for darker scalp complexion.
  5. HD lace comes in one color, transparent. Please know that transparent lace does not blend well with brown scalp complexion. 

Choosing the best lace color

When finding your perfect lace color match, remember to match the lace with your scalp and not the tone of your skin. This ensures that the scalp looks natural and undetectable. 

First, try parting your hair and looking over your scalp color. If you come across the issue of not finding the perfect match, choose something lighter versus something darker. If that is not ideal just opt for the transparent lace. When choosing this route, go with the HD transparent lace.

HD lace is known to be undetectable which is best when looking for the perfect blend. Also, remember HD lace is delicate and more expensive, so take your budget and if you’re able to delicately handle the lace.

How To Blend your lace?

If you have chosen lace that doesn't match, try these methods.

When you have chosen a lace that is lighter than your scalp color, you can use these methods for darkening your lace.

Tip #1 - Foundation or Concealer

Using your foundation or concealer is the quickest and easiest way to darkening your lace, although this remedy is a temporary fix. The only items needed are powder and a foundation brush used to correct your lace frontal color.

Flip your frontal inside out, take your foundation or concealer and begin pressing the product into your lace blending it as close as possible to your scalp complexion. Using this technique is short term and only takes minutes to do.

The downside of this is it wears off in two or three days and becomes messy at times.

Tip #2 - Tinting tea bag method

Purchase dark tea bags (any brand) boil with water in a pot. Can also be boiled in microwave. Add 5 tea bags to the hot water and let sit until the water becomes dark. Remove bags and wait about 2 minutes. Proceed to place lace inside of water for 5 minutes then remove. Slightly shampoo and condition the lace. Let dry and style as desired.

Ways to lighten the lace (too dark, try this)

Tip #1 - Bleaching Your Knots

This method is the most common way to lighten your lace. Combine your bleach and developer into the proper mixing bowl and mix. Mix the mixture until the consistency is thick and will sit on top of the lace and not seep through.

Turn the lace inside out applying the mixture onto the lace ensuring to cover everything completely. Allow to sit for ten to fifteen minutes and rinse thoroughly with cold water. Shampoo with neutralizing shampoo, this shampoo stops the bleach from processing anymore.

Tip #2 - Purple/Lavender Colored Shampoo

This colored shampoo tones the hair canceling out any brassiness and yellow tones. 

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