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Blonde & Ombre Bundles

Blonde & Ombre Bundles

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This Blonde & Ombre Bundle is made from the highest quality, pure raw hair for a luxurious and versatile look. Best suited for all types of women, the Blonde & Ombre Bundle is designed for long lasting style and ease of maintenance.

•This price is for ONE  bundle.

•Raw VIRGIN Human Hair. 

•4/27 Shades Ombré (New) color may slightly vary

•Raw Cambodian Hair

•Each bundle is 100 gram.

•Coloring and heat safe.

•Can be easily & safely dyed to any desired color.

•Full cuticles.

•No Fibers.

Last 3-4 years with proper care.

*We recommend 3 bundles and a closure/frontal or 3 bundles with leave out, if getting bundles 10”-24” to achieve a full look. 

•If getting all bundles 26”-30” then we recommend 4-5 bundles and a closure or frontal.

*Wavy and Curly hair can be straightened. Add mouse or water to bring the curl or wave back.

*Product Recommendation to contain frizz: Design Essentials (Silk drops)

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