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Cambodian Clip Ins

Cambodian Clip Ins

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Clip Ins offer 100% raw Cambodian tresses in a jet black color. These clip ins provide a natural look and volume to your everyday hairstyle. They're easy to attach for added length and the highest-recommended trend of modern hair choices.

•Raw Cambodian Hair

-Jet Black 

-Same length from root to tip

-Beginner user friendly and ready to apply 


•5 long strips per pack, 4 ounces 

•No shedding, No Tangles

•Coloring and heat safe

-Recommend packs 1-2 for a natural look, 3-4 for a thicker volume. 1 pack is similar to one bundle of hair.

*Can be installed yourself. DIY with no issues. Remove while sleeping and/or showering so the clip ins do not tangle your natural hair. 


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